Very Few Businesses are Remarkable.

Seth Godin, the Gandhi of marketing and entrepreneurship, wrote a book called Purple Cow. In it, he urges business to be remarkable. That means, worthy of spreading, talking about, or going out of your way to interact with.

This isn’t easy to do. the Snuggie and the Pet Rock were so ridiculous, they sold millions. Jimmy Johns was so successful because they boldly screamed that they were the fastest, and proved it.

It is especially hard for corporations to be remarkable. They are formed and managed by committees, and committees hate risk, change, and by default, reward.

Before we get into the humor, start thinking about how you can be remarkable. Not just with your slogans, but with your products, team, website, and attitude.

We’re here to help out really boring businesses.

Do you want to be safe? Do you want to continually follow the leader, never stand out, and make sure you’re just another supplier of a product in a sea of competitors?

Use the boring corporate vision statement generator below to create your own!

Corporate Vision Statement Generator.001-001


Here are few examples to get you started!

































See how easy that was?

We encourage you all to check out Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. Also, read “The 22 Innumerable Laws of Marketing.” It was written decades ago, and is even truer today.