Every business has a perfect customer. Buyer personas who happily (and repeatedly) spends top-dollar on your products, leaves raving reviews, and tells about your services to their friends.

Maybe you haven’t stumbled across this perfect customer yet. And maybe, it’s because you aren’t attracting them!

Creating an inbound marketing buyer persona is an essential part of every sales funnel. So what is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed outline of the demographic and psychological details of your “perfect customer”. This takes some brainstorming, but it’s a great exercise for any marketing and sales team!

Here are some of the specifics you need to flesh out when building a persona:

  • Age and Occupation
  • Job Duties
  • Buying Preferences
  • Needs and Struggles
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Potential “Quotes”

Most companies will have multiple buyer personas, but let’s walk through the process for one of Smart Inbound’s Perfect Customer Personas.

We offer inbound marketing services that increases traffic to your website, gathers contact information from leads, converts those leads into paying customers, and then analyzes the results of each campaign.

So our buyer persona is going to be “Entrepreneur Eric”. (Yes, you name them!)

Eric is between the ages of 35 – 60, and has the small business bug. He’s spent plenty of time in the corporate world, and is pretty familiar with how business works there. Recently, he’s taken on a small project of his own that he is extremely passionate about. Unfortunately, he has no marketing manager or sales team to consult with! With all of his passion, he is pretty unfamiliar with the new online marketing environment.

His website needs a serious upgrade, he has no idea what “Tweeter” or social media is, and he’s really looking to build an email list.

His strength is long-term strategy, and he has a firm belief is where his new business is supposed to go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to get there. Eric really needs a marketing campaign with specific and achievable goals that will help him move forward.

Some potential quotes Eric is overheard saying includes: “I just need what’s best for my company and the best cost. This is small business, and it’s a roller-coaster.” or, “I’m interested in social media, but I don’t want to be there just because someone told me to. I need a specific strategy for Facebook that gets results.”

Now here is where buyer personas become relevant: You need to structure your website, your offers, your emails, how you write, what you say, into exactly what Entrepreneur Eric needs and expects.

This is how you really connect with your perfect customer. Imagine if you were Entrepreneur Eric, and you stumbled across a website that was offering a free ebook on “How to to pick the perfect online marketing campaign for new small businesses”. Then, you start receiving emails that discuss “How to develop a great social media strategy for beginners” and, “How to turn your long term plan for your small business into goals you can start achieving now.”

Eric is going to be blown away by how perfectly this company fits needs. And when he needs marketing services, where do you think he is going to go?

That’s the beauty of inbound marketing and buyer personas. Remember, every company will have different personas; that means different offers, different email campaigns, and different contract offers.

Now it’s your turn! Take out a piece of paper and brainstorm who you truly want to connect with.

Ready for the plug? Does Entrepreneur Eric sound like you? Smart Inbound develops your buyer personas, creates offers and email campaigns, and ensures your brand message is right on target. Connect with us!