So, you want people to read your emails?

A well crafted subject line is the most essential tool in your arsenal.

And in fact, there is a science to developing email subjects! In fact, a quick google search will bring you tons of great ideas. Unfortunately, there is a dirty way to go about this. You can write an email subject like, “WARNING: CREDIT CARD EXPIRING” or simply, “Congratulations!”. Emails with these kinds of subjects usually have huge open rates! But then, the reader realizes that your content does not match the opening. And you’ve just lost a ton of trust. Save those kinds of subject lines for the spammers!

The Science of Persuasion

Fortunately, there are some free secret tips you’re about to discover that could completely instantly change your email marketing around! Go back and re-read that sentence. It includes some of the most persuasive words in the English language. They excite us, whether we know it or not. Free secrets; tell me! Discover; I want to know! Instantly; Right now! All of these words make us more and more excited for the big reveal. When crafting email subjects, you need to structure your heading in a very specific way. Here is a great outline to follow:

(Action Verb) + (Odd Number) + (Benefit) + (Hook)

I’m about to break that formula down for you, because it can be extremely powerful.

1. Start with an action verb. This means use “Discover”, or “Find out” or even “How to”. People like action.

2. Odd numbers are persuasive. I know it seems strange, but it has been proven time and time again. It’s why items are priced at .97 or .99, or why the subject of this blog had the number 5 in it.

3. Describe your benefit. And spice it up a little! If you are teaching your email reader how to engage their employees, explain that you are going to show them how to “Mesmerize the attention of your audience” or, “Grab your listener’s attention in a choke hold!”

4. Hooks are a bit more tricky. A hook is the reason a reader continues to read. You haven’t given up the information yet, but you’ve promised them something big. A good hook is actually more like a challenge. Things like “Tips I bet you’ve never heard of before!” or, “Secret’s the pro’s don’t want you to know about!” Hooks almost force you to keep reading, if the offer is good enough.

Here are some example subjects to get you started.

How to Build a Bigger Email List in 5 Simple Steps by Doing the Opposite of Your Competition!
Discover 3 Secrets to Free Website Traffic Instantly!
Find out the 7 Reasons Smart Inbound is Better than any other Agency because of 1 Little Difference!

Starting to get the picture? Take a blog post or prior email you’ve sent out and start reworking the titles. Now, onto some of the most persuasive words you can use.

Top Persuasive Words you Must be Using

1. You

2. Free

3. Because

4. Instantly

5. Secrets

6. Discover

7. Proven

8. Guarantee

9. Results

10. Easy

You can see why these words are enticing to people, right? They all promise the world!

Stay Smart!