Website Cleanup for Emily Rogers

Brought to you by Smart Inbound.

Overarching Project Goals

1. Reunify all front-end design elements.
2. Purge back-end of unused functions, posts, pages, plugins, and code.
3. Re-organize remaining content, install any new features, re-write documentation.

Scope of Work

  1. Initial call with team to discuss any big issues and new feature requests 
  2. Fixing of these issues and features, if not already in the list (high time variable)
  3. Replace Contact Form 7 with Divi Standard Forms and DB Form Database 
  4. Remove User Registration IF LearnDash’s registration form provides same functionality
  5. Browse WooCommerce settings and find any optimizations 
  6. Remove all unused plugins after confirmation 
  7. Deactivating and removing additional unnecessary plugins after confirmation
  8. Make a new site-map of all the currently active content for confirmation 
  9. Privatize or delete any unused pages or posts 
  10. Browse each live page and reunify all design elements, correct errors on all screen sizes (high time variable)
  11. Build new standard page templates for post types (high time variable)
  12. Implement new SPAM control (reCAPTCHA v3 & Antispam Bee)
  13. Go through all functions and PHP, delete, relabel, reorganize 
  14. Go through all CSS, delete, relabel, reorganize 
  15. Organize media library with Real Media Library (high time variable)
  16. Run speed tests and perform any further optimizations 
  17. Run SEO tests and perform any further optimizations
  18. Rewrite documentation where necessary 
  19. Retrain if necessary
    Phase investment: $1,500 – $2,500

Site Map

Currently under discussion. This section will be updated with the new site map once that phase of the project is reached.

Ongoing Support

Hosting & Support: $50 / Month

Our website hosting is the best on the market, with excellent speed and security.

But all websites also require technology updates and active management to remain functional and secure.

Smart Inbound uses various tools on our hosting platform to update and optimize your website on a monthly basis.

This includes daily backups, immediate critical security updates, monthly smart plugin updates, Spam removal, and speed optimization.

How Tech Support Works

We check in monthly to complete our support checklist. If you discover a website issue, email

If any error is related to our work, our standard plugins, hosting, theme updates, or our custom-written code, it will be fixed as soon as possible and free of charge.

If any error is related to client work, additional plugins, the Wordpress ecosystem, or any outsourced development, Smart Inbound provides email support and may be able to offer a solution for an additional cost.

Requested Updates: $100 / Hour

Your team will be trained on how to make a variety of changes to your website.

If there is a content or design project that you would like to hand off to Smart Inbound, we will quote out these projects and receive approval through email.

Changing content or updating small design elements are fast 15-minute updates.

Adding new features or additional pages may require multiple hours.

You will be receive an invoice for approval through your current hosting and billing.