The first airline to deliver a meaningful experience to its passengers is going to dominate.

The price war in the airline industry has already been waged. Massive airline companies are going bankrupt and being acquired because they can no longer compete. And that’s fine; such is business.

To continue to win, an airline company needs to start delivering an experience to me, and not just quality service. Southwest is close, with a great friendly staff. They should take the next step.

What happens when:

  • There is a beverage waiting for me at my seat, based on the choice I made online or previous flights
  • The staff is assigned sections, and calls every passenger by name
  • Music is played over the speakers during boarding and landing
  • Your seat pocket contains icebreaker cards with questions to ask the person next to you
  • Stewardesses randomly surprise passengers with a free drink, and hands out hot towels during the flight
  • The pilot becomes an entertainer, and frequently shares interesting facts about the area we are flying over with amusing commentary
  • There are games where rows of bored passengers can compete and laugh with each other
  • Longer flights on larger planes have a staffed massage chair in the back for a quick neck massage
  • The airlines offer a variety of magazines in your front seat pocket

The vast majority of these things cost no extra money, take a slight amount of training and time, and add an incredible amount of value to the customer experience.

That’s how the next airline is going to win. Help my vacation start before I’ve even left my own city. Give me a well-deserved break in between business travels.

Are you listening, Delta? Pay me in SkyMiles.

Do good, be great-