Facebook has become a pay-per-click advertising giant, and now it’s beginning to evolve like one.

Taking a page from Google AdWords, Facebook has restructured advertising through the ad manager as well as the more advanced Power Editor. In the older system, Facebook users created campaigns and then developed multiple advertisements inside a single campaign. These ads usually had a variety of targeting, pricing, and creative. This system was easy to get started, but made it difficult to organize larger campaigns. Agencies and bigger brands need to constantly be changing creative, as well as analyzing which Facebook target markets are working best.

The new system allows users to segment campaigns into ad sets. It’s up to the user how to organize ad sets.

You may want to separate your efforts by:

– Product or Service

– Objective (Website Clicks or Likes?)

– Target Market

– Pricing Strategy

We’re excited to begin restructuring our current client campaigns into a more advanced approach. How will you be using the new layout to improve your own PPC efforts?

To take a tour of the new system, open up Power Editor (located here)

Enjoy smarter marketing!