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Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. After a preliminary review and a discovery session, we are in agreement that the site could benefit from a design overhaul. We created a few goals for this redesign project: 

1) Update and unify all design elements
2) Create modules and systems that allow FVF to update information 
3) Simplify some pages to allow for better marketing language and lead generation 
4) Reorganize some resources and content to make them more accessible

Smart Inbound Marketing is a specialized agency. We keep a small base of premium clients to ensure every customer gets the 1-on-1 attention they deserve. If we move forward on a project together, you will be given a timeline that ensures we don’t have too many active projects at once. This helps us both. Communication through email is best, and please allow a few days for a detailed and thorough response. Emergencies will be handled immediately.

We will set milestones for our project to make sure you are happy at every stage. The client and agency should account for some back-and-forth brainstorming, clarification, and changes. This helps us build a better deliverable for you. Finally, we appreciate the long-term relationships we build. We are always available for advice, support requests, and small updates at no cost. You will receive priority in our timeline for larger projects as a repeat client.

Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you.

Lead consultant at Smart Inbound Marketing

Website Review

“I completed this review before our discovery call, and chose not to revise it just in case it sparks anything else from you. Looks like I was on the same page, for the most part.” – JD



Often a website like this is consistently updated over time by multiple departments to achieve different goals. This can create many small issues that add up to a much messier look than intended. There are text formatting, images, spacing, and design elements that do not match or are now outdated. However, the site still functions effectively. There does not seem to be anything “broken”.



There is a consistent use of colors, fonts, and logos across the site. Some places could use less of the primary color and focus on neutral tones. Very few assets are out of place.



The home page needs simplification. Other pages could benefit from a similar template to help the user feel comfortable. The sitemap and menu may be better organized, based on our discovery conversations.



There are plenty of helpful resources and information about FVF. Perhaps they can be more accessible. Some things, like the membership benefits graphic, would be better explained in a “sales-page”.



A discussion needs to be had about fvf.memberclicks.net and flventure.org here. This may be the primary reason for a new website request. Let’s find the best route. 



Florida Venture Forum is set up correctly regarding meta data. It is also ranking for a few search terms like “venture capital in Florida”. Access to additional analytics and content insights are required here.



According to GT Metrix, there are many key places this website needs to be optimized for speed and accessiblity. We will take a deeper dive on these opportunities in our next steps. 


Here are a few examples of an updated design that may work well for FVF. These include recommendations from FVF, past Smart Inbound work, and other external companies. “PS: If any of these screenshots and descriptions miss the mark, please let me know! I can update this section to make sure I get it right.” – JD

A clean white header means we can use our brand colors more effectively. The home slider gives a place for updated information.

A bit bolder, but a better use of color when necessary, and more of a focus on people and images.

More focus on imagery without being distracting. A good way to highlight access to resources.

A clean and un-cluttered way to organize different subjects on the same page. It gives the user simple options to “learn more.”

Highlighting projects and companies that can be switched out as needed (too much teal, however).




Final strategy
Tech setup
Initial design

Week 2 - 3

Home page review 
Page tempate work
Content reorganization

Week 4 - 6

Page template review
Final Revisions
Speed work


Project costs are estimated by the hours required. If the project extends past 120% of the allocated hours, the client and Smart Inbound will renegotiate the scope of work or investment spend.

Provided by Smart Inbound Marketing.

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