Ongoing Support and Changes

For your Smart Inbound website.

Optional Support Package

All websites require updates and active management to remain functional and secure.

Smart Inbound uses various tools to update and optimize your website on a monthly basis.

Includes email support, bug fixes, monthly smart plugin updates, Spam removal, and critical security updates. Bill is included in your monthly FlyWheel payment.
Smart support: $100 / month

How Support Works

If you discover a website issue, email

If the error is related to our changes, standard plugins, hosting, theme updates, or our custom-written code, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

If the error is related to client changes, additional plugins, the Wordpress ecosystem, or any outsourced development, Smart Inbound provides email support and may be able to offer a solution for an additional cost.

Design and Content Updates

If there is a new content or design project that you would like to hand off to Smart Inbound, we will quote out these projects and receive approval through email.

Changing content or small design elements are fast 15-minute updates. Adding new features or additional pages may require multiple hours.

You will receive a quarterly invoice with clearly labeled hours sorted by project.
Support client rate: $100 / hour