TDW Land Planning

A website redesign with Smart Inbound.


Project Goal

Showcase TDW Land Planning as the most qualified and professional local land planning company. Increase pages and content to boost SEO.

Target Markets

Land owners and industry professionals that may have already heard of TDW Land Planning and are vetting their options for service providers.


Project Tactics

A branding-then-website redesign that features more content, more focus on expertise, and any other elements that improve buyer trust and confidence.


Smart Inbound Hosting

Excellent speed, safety, and support. Nightly backups and optional upgrades.


The most popular website development platform in the world with infinite potential.

Fully Custom Design

Completely unique themes for your brand, built with the top-rated Divi Builder.

Smart Plugin

A standard set of trusted plugins to enable important website features.

Search Optimization

Following SEO best practices at every opportunity to improve your reach.


Following PageSpeed recommendations to hit the shortest possible load times.


Adjusting image titles, alt tags, and sizes for speed and SEO benefits.



Redirecting past links from your old site to new pages or a well-designed 404 message.


Smooth integrations with your email marketing software to capture leads.


Connections to social media accounts via follow and sharing plugins.


Tracking pixels for popular advertising platforms installed on every page.


Easy access to quick stats from the highly advanced Google Analytics platform. 


Using AntiSpam plugins and Google REcaptcha v3 to stop comment and form spam.

and Training

Extensive documentation and team training on how to use your new website.


Using the Simple History plugin to track all website changes based on user.

User Roles

Multiple logins and roles that simplify website use and restrict certain features.


Updates and tech support to repair any new bugs related to past development.

Content Development

Let’s discuss the use of some AI-assisted content for your website.

A Content Partnership

We need your help with detailed information about your business, products, and services. Smart Inbound will take care of the short, bold marketing language and ask for feedback.

The Content Document

During project launch, you will receive a document that outlines every piece of written content we need, including advice on the length and format of each segment. 

Our Content Revisions

We will take your written content and revise it into something that the target market can digest. We may also recommend additional content to improve the strength of your website.

Site Map

Home Page
A highly professional headline and image
An immediate list of qualifications, testimonials, or other trust builders
An introduction to Tom and the business 
An increased focus on the benefits of working with TDW
A basic description of services
A portfolio of top projects

A primary page that houses short descriptions of all services
An increased focus on the benefits of working with TDW

Services Sub-Pages (TBD)
Unique image and professional headline for each service
Long-form descriptions of each services with SEO keywords and best practices
A relevant portfolio project 

A primary page that houses a filterable layout of top projects 

Portfolio Sub-Pages (TBD) 
Unique image and headline for each project 
Description of project goals, challenges, and successful outcomes 

A primary page that houses short descriptions of all the target markets we serve

Clients Sub-Pages (TBD)
Unique image and professional headline for each client

Unique image and headline
An increased focus on the benefits of working with TDW
Long form description of TDW

High quality contact form
Integration with other platforms (social, email, etc)

Terms and Privacy
Legally required standard terms and privacy page 


Design Concepts

Please allow for additional time to source design inspiration and screenshots from other sites.

Phases and Timelines

Before working we Smart Inbound, we would love if you first worked directly with a brander and designer. This service provider would help you create a brand vision, voice, logo, colors, fonts, business cards, and more. If this is a long-term play, we would love to see you invest in a lifelong, top quality brand. Then, we build the lifelong, top-quality website on top of that. After your branding is completed, our timelines:

Phase One:

Design elements
Home page design
Basic templates
Basic content
Month 1

Phase Two:

Advanced content
Full page buildout 
Images and video
Review sessions
Month 2

Phase Three:

Standard plugin setup
Custom requirements
Search optimization
Review sessions
Month 2

Phase Four:

Final review sessions
Website use training
Hosting setup
Website launch
Month 3

Scope of Work

Included Work

Site Map
Pages: 20-25
Templates: 8-10

Standard Development
Strategy session
Client folder for long-term resource storage
Platform and theme setup
Fully custom design
Feature implementation
All optimizations
Website documentation
Team training
Testing and launch

Content Development
Short, bold marketing language provided by Smart Inbound
Business and detailed content provided by TDW
Additional marketing and service content provided by AI

Media Development 
Under discussion. Client may have HD images available and we may source more.

Branding Development: 
Smart Inbound recommends TDW work with an expert brander before project launch. 

Total Investment

Total Investment: $9,500.00
Ongoing hosting and tech support: $50.00 / month
Recurring plugin fees: $0.00

Ongoing Support

Hosting & Support:
$50 / Month

Smart Inbound uses various tools on our hosting platform to update and optimize your website on a monthly basis.

This includes daily backups, immediate critical security updates, monthly smart plugin updates, Spam removal, and speed optimization.

How Tech Support Works:

If any error is related to our work, our standard plugins, hosting, theme updates, or our custom-written code, it will be fixed as soon as possible and free of charge.

If any error is related to client work, additional plugins, the WordPress ecosystem, or any outsourced development, Smart Inbound provides email support and may be able to offer a solution for an additional cost.

Requested Updates:
$125 / Hour

If there is a content or design project that you would like to hand off to Smart Inbound, we will quote out these projects and receive approval through email.

Changing content or updating small design elements are fast 15-minute updates. Adding new features or additional pages may require multiple hours.


Currently under development. A copy of the agreement will be sent to all parties and requires a signature.