Accessible in the WordPress menu under: “Site Kit”

If you disable the Google Site Kit plugin, you will need to add the Google Analytics tracking code manually in: “Divi > Theme Options > Integrations”

With Google Site kit, you can:

  • Verify your business as the domain owner
  • Create and connect your Google Analytics account
  • See basic website traffic and content analytics inside WordPress
  • Connect to Google Search Console to improve search result visibility
  • Connect Google AdWords to monitor your ads
  • View site speed recommendations

If you do not already have a Google Analytics or Google Search console account, they will be created for you and attached to a Smart Inbound Google account during this setup process.

Google Analytics is the most popular platform for tracking website interactions. It works by placing a tracking code on every page of your site. You will need a Google account to access your data.

Google Analytics Location:
Access: Use your Google Account provided to Smart Inbound.

Google provides additional insights to improve your website through Google Search Console tools. It requires an account and a piece of code to verify that you are the owner of your website.

Google Search Console Access:
Access: Use your Google Account provided to Smart Inbound.